Sunday, June 30, 2013

Surprise 16th Birthday Party :O

Surprise 16th Birthday Party :O Ohsnap....

So, I turned 16 on June 2nd. We threw a 16th surprise party for my brother when he turned 16, but I didn't think I was getting one. Mom told me she wasn't throwing me one. Lolol. So anyways, Mom told me some lady was coming from the bank to see our house and see if we could sell our house. Mom can be a pretty good liar sometimes... ;) I completely believed her. I even cleaned the house with her. So when my parents were setting up the party, I was in the back porch with the dog, believing that a lady from the bank was here checking out the house. I had my ear buds in, listening to music, and on the laptop - couldn't hear a thing. Mom came in the back porch, and she goes "The lady wants to speak to you. She wants to know what you think a family would like if they were to move into our house." So I'm like, "Oh? Okay...." So I walk into laundry room, getting ready to enter the kitchen, and there's a ton of people standing in the kitchen looking at me like:

I thought to myself, They're not from the bank.... *gasp* OOOOHHHH!!!!


It was my surprise party. I definitely was surprised. I didn't expect that at all. Good job Mom and Dad, and big bro. *claps* 

My cake was amazing looking. Y'all will understand when you see it... 

 LOOK! A mountain and trees! :D
 A hill and some water....

 The mountain

Ain't that pretty?! Y'all come back now, ya hear?! ;)


  1. Wow Missy, you have a great Mommy, who does cool and great things for her litte girl, the cake looks awesome too, mail me a piece lol, I hope you had a great time!

  2. Wait, I noticed you never said you was gonna mail me a piece! O.o

  3. Im going to attack the mail man every day untill I recieve my cake!